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There Is Room For You at The Well

The Well offers an Infrared Sauna for your use prior to an appointment with one of our practitioners or just as healthy self care all on its own. Book your session here.


The Well also offers several welcoming spaces that are perfect for:

- Consultations

- A beautiful, private space for individual work

- Hosting classes or workshops

- Teaching a cooking class

- Massage therapy and other body-based modalities

- Anything you can think of!

Benefits include:

- Share space with like-minded providers and community

- Competitive pricing

- Access to continuing education opportunities

- Multiple community gathering spaces

- Easy-to-find, central location

The Peace Lily Room


The Peace Lily Room offers a gentle, natural appeal

by the hour, the half-day, or full day.

This beautifully appointed room is available by-the-hour, the half day or the full day.


Just the right size for consultations, massage therapy, individual work, etc.


With a desk and chair, two comfy side chairs, lovely artwork and a large picture window screened from the street view by a stone wall, this room gets filtered daylight all day long, giving it a gentle, natural appeal.

The Soul Cucina and Main Lobby


Available by-the-hour, the half day or full day. Ideal for cooking classes, coffee meet-ups, small support groups, small classes, individual work, etc.

The Soul Cucina is our beautiful, fully-equipped community kitchen.

The waiting area shares space with The Soul Cucina and the two together create an attractive and comfortable space for small gatherings, cooking classes, intimate parties, small classes, support groups, etc.

The Womb Room


Available by-the-hour, the half day or full day. Ideal  for small or large support groups and workshops of 2-35 people, yoga and other gentle movement classes, study groups, etc.

This beautifully appointed room is available by-the-hour, the half day or the full day.

Lovingly named "The Womb Room" by attendees at a doula training, this beautiful space is just right for large group gatherings, study groups, support groups, yoga classes, tai chi classes, play groups, classes, etc., and customizable for cozier seating arrangements.


With comfy chairs and couches, floor pillows, area rugs, yoga mats and props, screens for making smaller group areas, this space is highly customizable and very user friendly.


If you are a yoga teacher or other educator, please reach out to to inquire about a split of profits rather than an hourly, half-day, or full-day rental fee if you would like.

Reagan's Room
Lactation Support Room

open hands + softer lips + gentle eyes + relaxed mama =.png

Available by-the-hour, the half day or full day. Perfect for private lactation consultations or individuals wanting to try out a wide range of breastpumps before deciding what they want to purchase.

This beautifully appointed room is available by-the-hour, the half day or the full day for private lactation consultations and/or individuals who would like to try out all the different breastpumps, bottles, pacifiers, babywearing devices, etc. before deciding what to purchase.

Lovingly named "Reagan's Room," this little consultation room is named after Reagan Coleman Scacchetti, granddaughter of Anita Coleman, grand-niece of Dr. Greg Notestine, DDS and niece of Dr. Chris Coleman, DDS. Reagan went home to Heaven in 2022 at the age of twelve years old after a life-long battle for her health. This sweet room is carefully curated in Reagan's favorite pinks and purples with a cozy nursing chair, stool, soft rugs and pillows, and a broad range of lactation and baby-supportive products for individuals to test before deciding what to purchase. Note that all items are carefully cleaned and/or autoclaved for optimal safety. 

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