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About The Well

At THE WELL, we believe every body knows how to be healthy, every mind knows how to be engaged, every heart knows how to love, and every spirit knows how to flow with connection. Our services and educational opportunities provide the perfect space within which to cultivate these beliefs into your own personal reality, and to carry that abundance back out into your community.


THE WELL is a wellness center that houses a thoughtfully curated collective of diverse yet like-minded practitioners, unique classes and workshops, and unusual products. The heart of our space is The Soul Cucina, a community kitchen where you can grab a ready-to-nourish organic smoothie bowl, join us for a cooking class, or settle into one of our luxurious couches with a book from our library and enjoy a cup of tea or coffee.


Workshops and Classes

Our large, diverse collective of educators and workshop leaders are constantly developing and sharing new and exciting offerings.

Fermenting 101, prenatal yoga, wildcrafting, bee keeping, how to talk to your kids about sex, childbirth ed, lactation 101, holistic infant sleep, whole-person nutrition, mind-body integration, Tai-Chi, prayer bead making...

Our Practitioners

THE WELL is a thoughtfully curated collective of diverse, yet like-minded practitioners, unique classes and workshops, and unusual products.

Pelvic floor PT, Reflexology, Massage Therapy, Lactation Consultation, Midwifery, Doula services, Emotional Release Therapy, newborn to toddler nervous system resetting, Cancer Doula services, whole-person nutrition, well woman care, cancer screenings... we are all here and
all want to help.


Come as you are.
Share what you have.
Take what you need.


Join us for a broad range of support groups, enjoy working in our lovely space, take a sauna, grab a smoothie or a cup of coffee in The Soul Cucina, check out a book from our lending library.

Come fill your cup.