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Love Messages From Our Community


Jocquelene Pressley

The Well has been inspiring and supportive of me as a person, as a doula, and as a midwife.


Jason P.

What I like most about working with April Kline is that she didn't just "fix our baby." She actually took the time to work with our baby and teach us how to do the work ourselves. I feel so much more connected and in-tune with our little one now.


Jericah Shelton

I don't even know how to describe the impact that having such a strong support from pregnancy to birth to postpartum had on our experience. It was amazing to have such positive energy through the entire process! Our minds are such a powerful thing and the kind of preparation we had at The Well is crucial for navigating a huge process like growing and giving birth to a baby—not to mention what you do with a baby once you've got it.

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