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Doula Support during Pregnancy

Our Story

When we opened our pink front door in August of 2022, the mayor of Kettering told us we were the first of our kind in the state of Ohio. From that day, the need of our community, far and near, has been obvious. Client intake has tripled for our practitioners, and others have had to hire additional support to keep up. All people in our communities need a space with resources and accessibility, especially during pregnancy and postpartum; they need Whole Person CareTM that is equitable despite their life circumstances; and they need a space to feel safe, where they can explore the goals of their mind, body, and soul, and have proper support to achieve them.

The problems we are solving on a daily basis are life changing for our clients. We are giving moms and babies the best start possible. We are working through trauma on all levels. We are providing doula support for those battling cancer. We are healing hypothyroidism without medicine. And we are doing it all while serving those who need it the most. Our community needs us, and we are honored and excited to serve the greater Dayton area each day.


Meet The Team

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