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The Giving Well Foundation

We believe that every person, whatever challenges they may face, deserves equitable and accessible care throughout life’s biggest seasons.

We know this is not the case.

It is our mission to change that.


April Kline
Founder & Owner of The Well

April is an IBCLC Lactation Consultant, Midwife, whole nutrition consultant and Emotional Release Therapist for over 20 years. Through her non-profit, April has been able to continue living

out her life's mission and pouring into many lives all around the world, regardless of economic status or background.

About Our Foundation

Our non-profit works directly with THE WELL: A Center for Wellness to fill in the gaps for those who want and need a different model of care. It is their goal, and ours, to ensure that each and every woman in our greater community knows about the Whole Person CareTM offered at THE WELL. And that each and every client is able to access this unique quality of care, irregardless of their life circumstances. 


We know that this model of care isn’t typical in Dayton—or anywhere else in America.


When THE WELL opened its pink front door in August of 2022, the mayor acknowledged that it was the first of its kind in the state of Ohio and declared her pride that THE WELL now provides a flagship model for other communities. From that day, the need of our larger community, far and near, has been obvious. Client intake has tripled for most of THE WELL’s practitioners, and others have had to hire additional support to keep up with demand. The problem we face today is that not everyone can afford the care he or she requires.

This is where we come in. And, we need YOU.

*THE WELL is committed to equitable care and is particularly aware of those who have been traditionally and currently marginalized and challenged in finding the best care for themselves and their families. Our scholarship fund has special applications for those who identify as POC and/or LGBTQIA+.

Happy Family

Our 2023 Focus

To fill the well of our scholarship fund so we can provide Whole Person CareTM for the clients of THE WELL who otherwise wouldn’t be able to benefit from this exceptional model of care. This will not only ensure and protect stronger outcomes for individuals, but will break cycles that need to be broken—often cycles that are generations deep—and do it while helping each and every person feel heard and valued.


Help us fill the well of our scholarship fund.

Your generous commitment to just $10 per month, helps us defray the costs of valuable workshops, support groups and individual sessions for those who would otherwise not be able to access these services.

$5000 provides midwifery care for one at-risk person and their baby

$1200 provides doula support to a mother in need through the entirety of her pregnancy and beyond

$1200 provides doula certification to a new doula, ensuring an entire community is cared for throughout pregnancy, birth and postpartum

$350 provides one month of support for a person on their cancer journey

$160 provides required CPR and Neonatal Resuscitation certification for a midwifery student

$150 provides lactation support for a mom who is struggling to nurse her baby

$50 provides meal support for a new mother and her family


$25 adds another book to THE WELL’s extensive lending library of evidence-based resources

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Help us fill The Well

Thank you for helping us help our community!

Interested in contributing a physical gift?

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